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Poetikon is the first Slovene literary journal dedicated to poetry and the poetic. It features original and translated poetry, introductions of local and international poets, reflections on poetry, and book and project reviews. The journal seeks to create and expand the space in which poets of different generations and backgrounds can publish their work and encounter the work and ideas of other poets.

Cvetka Bevc, Ivan Dobnik (editor-in-chief), Nadja Dobnik, Zoran Pevec, Andraž Polič, Marcello Potocco, Sandi Radovan, Bina Štampe Žmavc.

Eduard Akulin, Amedeo Anelli, Marko Kravos, Duško Novaković, Gančo Savov, Tomaž Šalamun (+), André Velter.

Published since 2005, Poetikon comes out in double issues three times a year. It is printed with the support of the Slovenian Book Agency and published regularly with the help of our contributors and subscribers.